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Social Responsibility

Release date : 2020/01/14


Social responsibility playing an important role in TRSD capital. social responsibility program in TRSD capital consists of a wide range of services including:

1- Charity fund

2- Free Education

3- Environment protection

4- Healthcare services


we do believe that the earth would be a better place to live if we share a common interest with others and promote kindness among society. TRSD capital promoting a non-profit entity under the control of the company to help those people who doesn’t have access to basic facilities for life. we have established a link with India, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia to promote equality and kindness based on Chinese culture and Confucius logic.

we are working with domestic and foreign cultural promotion bureau under the supervision of the government to promote our social responsibility among the nations. we welcome any domestic or foreign non-profit organizations to cooperate with each other in order to spread the principle of humanity on the earth.




Our clients

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Cambridge University
CITIC Medical& Health
Harvard Medial School
Shanghai Jiaotong University