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About us

Release date : 2020/01/10



TRSD Capital is a boutique investment bank composed  a group of excellent domestic and foreign listing counseling and consulting teams located in the glorious city of Shanghai.  It is mainly engaged in US IPO, SPAC and RTO business and assists post-listed companies in market value management and M & A services. The cooperation teams are all recent the China Stock Exchange is the institution with the most listing counseling in the United States. our team members  from China and foreign countries are:

     1- Coaching Chinese Stocks to go Public in the U.S.A

     2- Rich Consultants.

     3- Bring Together all Staff in the offices in China and the United States.

     4-High Educated.

     5- Rich experience in China and overseas Market.


1- Coaching Companies to go public in America, London, Canada, Singapore, and Hk.

    2- IPO and Pre-IPO investment

    3- Securities Investment

    4- M&A

    5- Private Equity Investment

    6- Counseling during the listing process,

    7- New Stock Raising,

    8- Market Capitalization Management after the Listing.

     9- Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)

10- Reverse Takeover. (RTO)

TRSD capital providing all these high-end services with a professional team of experts from the USA and China. we are looking forward to cooperating with the companies who wish to extend their business in the global market.

Our clients

SUChuang Gas
Cambridge University
CITIC Medical& Health
Harvard Medial School
Shanghai Jiaotong University