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Release date : 2020/03/13

The TRSD capital in order to access better legal services in its business gathered a group of lawyers in its team for over 10 years. The team is assisting the company to draft its contract, comply the Amercian securities law with the copany which is going public in USA and etc. Along with One belt one road initiative, our company actively cooperating with oversease law firms to assist our clients in their international business. Our reputable partners in Mena Region, Eurasia, Central Asia and India are served many Chinese clients in their region with legal and investment services. 

Our practice area is: Securities law, Cross border investment, Energy law, contract law, Construction, EPC, IP law and contract law.
Our covered region following:

                                                            MENA Region

 Eurasia Union

Central Asia


Saeid Shabani


Juris Doctor, International Economic Law, Shanghai Jiao tong University

Master of Chinese Civil and Commercial Law, Xiamen University
Bachelor of Law, Iran


Legal Counsel at Rigan Motor

CEO at Sino Rich Capital

Secretary in Legal committee of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce

He is a professional legal practitioner in financial and Investment law with a rich experience in Chinese financial market. He helped many Chinese companies in cross border investment with legal issues in abroad special in Middle East, India and Central Asia. 


Member of China Property Planning and Management Research Association; Distinguished Lecturer in Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listed Enterprise Planning; Distinguished Lecturer in Cross-Border Investment in Suzhou Industrial Park; Distinguished Lecturer in Offshore Legal Compliance for Financial Institutions.
He has long been engaged in the application of entrepreneurs and enterprises in the global development of offshore companies, offshore trusts, family foundations and other legal frameworks, and in cross-border trade, investment mergers and acquisitions, equity structures, offshore trusts, family foundations, and family businesses. He has rich practical experience and many successful cases in the fields of inheritance planning and family property planning.

Lin Zilong
Senior Manager

Special Lecturer for Cross-border Investment in Suzhou Industrial Park Special Hire in Shanghai Zizhu High-tech Industrial Park
Lecturer Special Lecturer on Offshore Legal Compliance for Financial Institutions
He has long been engaged in the application research of legal structures such as offshore enterprises, offshore trusts, family foundations in the global development of entrepreneurs and enterprises, and inheritance in cross-border trade, investment, mergers and acquisitions, equity structures, offshore trusts, family foundations, family businesses In the fields of planning and family property planning, he has rich practical experience and many successful cases. Currently serves as an overseas strategic consultant and external lecturer for a number of companies, and as a consultant for international business and offshore legal compliance contracting for many banks

Bai Zhiwu
Executive Director

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics has a master's degree in investment economics and a bachelor's degree in engineering from Hefei University of Technology. He has previously worked in the investment banking department of Soochow Securities Co., Ltd. and was responsible for the IPO and listing of corporate main boards and GEM.
During the period, he helped many companies successfully list on the New Third Board. As a member of the IPO project team, he was responsible for writing the prospectus and financial due diligence. In September 2018, he served as the director of the quantitative cross-border merger and acquisition department of Silicon Valley. He has rich architecture design and equity investment
Financial experience. Currently, he is mainly responsible for the selection of overseas M & A projects, the construction of overseas listed VIE structures, and cross-border investment consulting services.

Zhang Yijun
Deputy General Manager

Worked as Senior Project Director at Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., responsible for
Top 500 company architecture.
Competency model and SOP for internal process posts. Nameng Network Technology Co., Ltd. serves as CEO and founder.
Later, he served as a senior consultant of East China District of Entrepreneurship.
Guidance, management consulting and post-investment management.
Rich experience in early project FA, internal management, brand marketing and other fields

Our clients

SUChuang Gas
Cambridge University
CITIC Medical& Health
Harvard Medial School
Shanghai Jiaotong University