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Market Enterance

Release date : 2020/03/13

TRSD capital with experience of over 20 years in global market made a wide network of clients in worldwide. In addition, TRSD capital in cooperation with some foreign firms in Indian Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe providing its B2B match making services for the companies who wish to extend its business globally.

We are coaching Chinese companies to find a reliable partner in global market or create a Joint Venture to extend their business.

Similarly, we are helping foreign companies or startups to enter to Chinese market by high-End solutions which is including: 

1- B2B match Making.
2- Investment solutions
3- fund Raising
4- Negotiation with the government.


The strategy and policy of our firm  is to focus on following  industries:


TRSD capital coached many Chinese pharmaceutical Companies such as ANPAC Bio to go public in USA. this rich experience allow us to be able to access Chines easily and help foreign firm to find a reliable partner in China. 

Meanwhile, TRSD capital is enjoying to have a global team in Shanghai which can help us to access to global market at sight.

       Automotive Industry

TRSD Capital has been working with automotive companies in China and outside of China such as India, Dubai, Pakistan and central Asia for past 10 years.

TRSD Capital coached some Chinese companies such as China Automotive system to go public in NASDAQ stock market. We had also worked with force motors in India, Kerman Khodro in Iran, Geely and Chery in China.  this wide network allow us to help foreign and Chinese companies to extend their business in global market.

AI-Fintech-Industrial Solution-IT


Artificial intelligence  is the most growing industry in China.  TRSD capital in partnership with Chinese giant and coaching them to go public in USA welcome foreign firms to enter to Chinese market.

Meanwhile, we are able to offer the most advance AI and fintech technologies to foreign companies and governments to access Chinese solutions in this industry.   

Oil and Gas

China is the biggest consumer of energy in the world and one of the main center of energy trading platform in this industry.

Meanwhile, China is the biggest producer of energy equipment with an advance technology among the players of the energy companies. our wide network, allow us to:

1- Coach the foreign firm in entering to energy market in China.

2- Coaching Chinese companies to go public in USA or other stock markets.

3- Merger and Acquisition in energy sector.

4- Provide the financial solution for energy companies.

5- leasing services for foreign buyers of Chinese equipment.

Our company is able to cover following regions:


MENA Region

Eurasia Union

  Central Asia



Our clients

SUChuang Gas
Cambridge University
CITIC Medical& Health
Harvard Medial School
Shanghai Jiaotong University