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TRSD Capital Helps Anpaike (ANPC.US) Land on NASDAQ Capital Market

Release date : 2018/04/09

Screen at least 16 types of cancer at one time, of which breakthrough progress has been made in detecting esophageal cancer. ”

When Dr. Yu Chang was selected into the first batch of “Thousand Talents Program”, he announced to the outside world the latest progress made by Anpaike (ANPC.US) in the field of cancer screening. At the same time, as the founder and chairman of Anpaike, Yu Chang stated that he would sprint to the capital market.

Anpac (Code ANPC), full name is Anpac Biomedical Co., Ltd., is a biotechnology company focusing on early cancer screening and detection. Anpac Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anpac) was established in In 2010, it was invested and established by many multidisciplinary scientists and overseas returnees in the biomedical field and other fields. Since its inception, Anpac has been adhering to the path of independent innovation, and has spent more than ten years in research and development, deep cultivation technology, cross-border integration, and formed its own disease screening technology.

Anpac said that with its own CDA technology and CDA equipment, 26 types of cancer risks can be detected in one blood, which accounted for more than 80% of the incidence of cancer in China. In addition, the company has filed 210 patent applications worldwide and has 121 patents granted, including 16 in the United States and 55 in China. At the same time, Apacco has also established a test database containing more than 140,000 blood samples of different age, gender and disease groups. The laboratory in San Jose, USA has obtained CLIA certification. Achievements in technical expertise.

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