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Forum for Chinese companies listing in the US successfully held

Release date : 2018/02/07

On the afternoon of October 30th, on the 29th floor of Shanghai Tower, the “Overseas Listing and Investment Strategy Sharing Meeting” hosted by Rujun Capital was successfully held. The guests who attended the event were Mr. Lin Yutian, CEO of Rujun Capital, and UWA Ms. Chen Hua, a partner of Yang Yang CPAs, Ms. Li Qiuyan, a senior manager, and Jay Kaplowitz, a partner of Sicheng Law Firm, and Zhang Xu and Tang Yinfeng, partners of Guoco Law Firm.

All parties discussed the economic situation at home and abroad in-depth, professionally interpreted the overseas listing process and structure, and the meeting achieved very perfect results, which were well received by the guests and customers.

Earlier, U.S. President Trump’s remarks on the Nasdaq market banning Chinese companies’ listings caused an uproar in the market at a time when the market was agitated and domestic companies in the United States were full of confusion. We answered questions and doubts on the spot, which further strengthened the confidence of Chinese companies to go abroad and operate overseas capital.

The meeting officially started at 2 pm. First of all, the host Mr. Lin Yutian introduced the theme and progress of the meeting and introduced the institutions attending the meeting. After the guests were ready, the meeting officially started. Ms. Chen Hua, a senior partner from U.S.A. Huayang Certified Public Accountants brought us a wonderful share of domestic market analysis and overseas listings and issues that need attention.

You Hua Yang Certified Public Accountants is one of the founding member firms of You Hua Yang International Limited. You Hua Yang International is the 16th largest professional firm alliance in the world. You Hua Yang is one of the largest professional service companies in the United States. First, we have offices on the east coast, west coast, and the vast central region of the United States. Through cooperation with member offices around the world, the China Business Department provides personalized services for multinational companies seeking sustainable development in China, the United States, and other countries Finance, tax and business services.

Ms. Chen Hua mentioned the new challenges and countermeasures brought by the Sino-US trade war to Chinese listed companies in the United States. As of May 2019, 14 Chinese companies have been listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE through IPOs. On the surface, the Sino-US trade war does not seem to have a direct impact on Chinese companies’ IPO financing in the United States. The US government has not barred Chinese companies from listing in the United States, nor has it barred Chinese companies from trading on the US stock exchange.

However, starting in December 2018, the U.S. capital market regulators issued a series of announcements, which caused great uncertainty for the future of Chinese companies that have already listed in the United States and plan to list in the United States. As a professional accounting firm, You Hua Yang has the ability and confidence to break through the difficulties. In counseling Chinese companies to go to the United States for listing, You Hua Yang has more than 10 years of experience and has a stable and strong team, which will escort the company.

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