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How does VC / PE exit smoothly?

Release date : 2018/02/07

On December 4-6, 2019, Zero2IPO Group and the investment community held the 19th Annual China Equity Investment Forum in Beijing. As the industry’s most noticeable event of the year, this annual conference will work with industry-renowned scholars and heavyweight guests to analyze policy trends, focus investment strategies, explore value discovery, and look forward to the market’s future. China’s top venture capital forces come together and talk together, facing 2020!

At the conference, under the auspices of Wang Shuguang, the director and managing director of CICC’s Growth Enterprise Investment Banking Department, Bao Haijie, managing director of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, deputy head of the Market Development Division and head of the Global Listing Services Department; NASDAQ Exchange China Hao Yusheng, the chief representative of the district; He Chao, founding partner and chairman of Houji Capital; Jin Xin, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Gaoxintou Venture Capital Co., Ltd .; Wang Liqun, chairman of Panshi Capital; Xu Cheng, managing director of TOP Capital and executive partner of Xiangfeng Investment Xu Ying, the two people, started a lively discussion around the theme of “breaking the exit and turning a new road”.

The following is a record of the content of the conversation, which has been compiled by the investment community (WeChat ID: pedal2012) as follows:

Wang Shuguang: Today, the new shares of the science and technology board have become the focus. This is the first time that the company has broken stocks on the first day of listing since the board was launched, and the capital market has undergone new changes.

For today’s participating guests, I have divided into three categories and withdraw from the market. The first category is market representatives. They are Bao Haijie from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Hao Yusheng from Nasdaq. Wang Liqun, Xu Cheng, He Chao, are Mid to late investors; Jin Xin and Xu Ying are early investors.

A big event just happened on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Alibaba has “go home”. As a US $ 13 billion IPO, it has created a very good first-day performance. At the same time, there are also many small and medium-sized stocks this year, including many with a B prefix, and biotechnology stocks issued in Hong Kong. Their performance and liquidity are not very good. Ask President Bao, as a senior administrator of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, do you think the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has any differences in long-term liquidity of companies of different industries and different sizes? Which companies are more suitable to go to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

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