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Dry goods | Interpretation of domestic funds outbound routes (the most complete summary)

The “outbound personal funds” referred to in this article refers to the behavior of Chinese citizens transferring funds overseas. According to existing regulations and practices, there are six legal paths for personal fund transfers, including individual foreign exchange purchases, external transfers of personal property, overseas cash withdrawal from domestic cards, return investments through special-purpose companies […]


TRSD Capital Helps Anpaike (ANPC.US) Land on NASDAQ Capital Market

Screen at least 16 types of cancer at one time, of which breakthrough progress has been made in detecting esophageal cancer. ” When Dr. Yu Chang was selected into the first batch of “Thousand Talents Program”, he announced to the outside world the latest progress made by Anpaike (ANPC.US) in the field of cancer screening. […]


Forum for Chinese companies listing in the US successfully held

On the afternoon of October 30th, on the 29th floor of Shanghai Tower, the “Overseas Listing and Investment Strategy Sharing Meeting” hosted by Rujun Capital was successfully held. The guests who attended the event were Mr. Lin Yutian, CEO of Rujun Capital, and UWA Ms. Chen Hua, a partner of Yang Yang CPAs, Ms. Li […]


How does VC / PE exit smoothly?

On December 4-6, 2019, Zero2IPO Group and the investment community held the 19th Annual China Equity Investment Forum in Beijing. As the industry’s most noticeable event of the year, this annual conference will work with industry-renowned scholars and heavyweight guests to analyze policy trends, focus investment strategies, explore value discovery, and look forward to the […]


Armco`s IPO

Beyond Apple to become the world’s largest company by market capitalization! Saudi Aramco soars 1.2 trillion on the first day of listing, or IPO in China. On December 11, the world’s most profitable company, Saudi Aramco, opened its daily limit on the first day of its IPO, reaching 10%. The company’s market value reached about […]


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